A student living family background is really affects that student character. Is it true?

Family background is very important to build a child’s character. Students are beginner in all stages and they starting to learn each stage of life with help of their parents and teachers. Also friends and friendships are very important to build their character. We can in our classroom different character students, some students are very anger, a few students are very shy, and some other students keeping silence but not active in classroom. Many factors are depending and reasons for changing these characters. Some students can’t control their emotions; suddenly they lose their control for small-small reasons. The society more changed, people are living with different style. Student’s character building is very important. Once the parents don’t give the attention, child can’t change his/her character with good elements after their education life. Childhood age, they are listing all things and copying everyone styles in their activities. So parents should give attention on their activities and behavior. Below some importance factors are given, after reading the elements a picture will get about student character building.

Parenting style

Some students are very liberal to their children, and some others are keeping strictness, and remain parents are doesn’t give importance on their child. If parents are giving more freedom to child, there is a chance to misuse the freedom. If we are following more strictness, children will feel stress and irritations. So that parenting style become more important in character building. try to listen your child, spend more time with him/her if you can, teach basic matter to them and show to do that. If they got best training from the childhood, they never forget that in their life. We know, some students are very careless to keep their objects or things, and also they keep careless walk and doesn’t listen elders words. This behavior kept because of poor parenting style. Parents should have very good plan, if parents have no ability to teach their child they should learn methods from other sources.

Economic background

Economic background mostly affected the students’ character. Students will meet different family background students in their academic institutions. Each student’s economic background is very different, so their style is totally differ from other students. Some students are wearing well dress and holding good things in their bags. Economically backward students are expecting those things from their parents. It quite natural, student will expect more colored things in life. Some other cases, backward students are facing more struggles to move towards their daily life. Money can change anyone character; also poverty makes a lot of problems in their character. So parents should inform their child about the expense of the family, if he realizes the situation he can make up it.

Relationships in family

If we focus our eyes on society, we can see small- small families in a huge house or building. Present day, parents are focusing on works and some other persons like servants are handling their children all matter. This will make a distance between child and parents. Also now days we can’t see grandparents in each home, they are avoided by their children. If grandparents are in home, they will teach and care their grandson and it will kill the loneliness. Some child are under one parenting, it will cause to face many problems and situations in society. The society is watching on one parenting children’s character in different manner. In another cases, sometimes parents are giving more attention on their younger child, this may cause to make partiality mind in children. So parents are giving more attention when interacting with their children.

Education attitude from parent and family side

Education is deciding a person behavior and character. Some children’s families are very backward in education and they never show any interest to leave their child in academic education. Also they push their child into job place. These will cause to create mental and physical struggles to children.

Child’s physical and mental stress

Sometimes students become victim of mental, physical, and sexual harassments and activities. These activities are totally break children balance and mentally and physically they will down into very low. These victim children become avoid the crowed, sitting alone in classroom, and not interact also talk with other students. Above reasons is cause to change a child character. So we must care on these points. We can change if any face struggles in their character with help of teachers and friends.