As a Student, What is Your Role to Prevent Global Warming?

Todays world peoples facing main problem is global warming or climate change. While changing the climate changing it affects the peoples, especially it affects children. The main reason for global warming is because of people’s bad activities. Now no one protect the nature. All are busy with their own work. All peoples are busy with collecting money. In today’s world all peoples want only money; they give first priority to money rather than their life. Peoples are cutting the trees and all for building construction. In the modern world, all individuals are only care about their own matters and no one have the time to care about anything. Now peoples are ready to do anything for money. For getting money they ready to do anything and they never mind about nature. Nature is gift of god, but most of them are not mind it. All individual have equal responsibility on protecting the nature. Because of trees we get rain. If we cut all trees then how to get rain and in this case at rainy season we can’t get rain and suddenly the climate will change and it affect our health very badly and especially it affect children’s. Global warming is the ceaseless increment in the air temperature of earth causing negative climatic changes. It has expanded in tremendous augmentations in the most recent decade. It makes an entire chain of occasions crack environments, climate designs, and an assortment of different elements. We as a whole have an influence in our future. The fundamental purpose behind expanding global warming is mechanical requirements of the individuals.

Pollution is another reason for global warming. There are many type of pollutions are there in our society. As a student you can able to control pollutions. In the society not all are educated peoples. The uneducated peoples don’t know the disadvantages of using plastics and they don’t know about pollutions and all. As a student, try to visit those families and conduct different programs about pollutions and how pollution is related to global warming. Most of the peoples are don’t know about global warming. Students can able to write posters against pollutions and also they can able to conduct seminar class for uneducated peoples about global warming and how it affects peoples. For controlling the pollutions, first avoid use of plastics. Plastic is the main reason for pollutions and it also making global warming. The impacts of global warming can be diminished, as it were, assuming every single individual winds up dependable from their own particular end by having legitimate comprehension and mindfulness. There are numerous modest and straightforward techniques to diminish the earth temperature and in addition impact of global warming. Reuse is spares vitality in assembling. There is a propensity to supplant plastic water bottles with the reusable ones to decrease the cost, exertion and impacts of waste transfer. It diminishes the measure of junk in landfills and in addition decreases measure of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane gas in the environment.

Students can bale to write essays about global warming and how to control it. Now peoples are cut the trees. While cutting a one tree it affect over all nature. Now all places are filled with huge buildings. In the modern world children’s don’t know about real nature. Now the children’s are enjoying artificial nature. Humans are don’t think about future. Almost all peoples are very selfish, they only want money. First of all try to understand only money is not enough for living. Most of the peoples are think that, for happiest life, only money is need but if you have more money but have health issues then how can you able to enjoy your life? So that first we need good health and after that money and all. All individuals should give first priority to health and for good health, protect your nature very well. Students can give good class, projects, drama to peoples about importance of nature. As a student, try to do drams about global warming and it is the best way to control global warming. Students are also having a best role to remove global warming. In the world all are having equal responsibility to protect our nature. For protecting nature and controlling global warming, first try to avoid pollutions and give good way to avoid pollutions. Reuse the plastic. Don’t burn the plastics and by doing this it cause to air pollution. Now numbers of vehicles are increased. The vehicles are also making sound pollution. As student, try to protect nature and avoid global warming.