Good and affective methods for students to impress their lectures

The students life the role of the teacher is more important. The teachers are the second parent of the students. The teachers give all support to the students for learning. Some teachers are the role model of the students. All students more like to their teacher. The teachers behavior, teaching style, personality, life style and other factors are more influencing the students. Lecturing style is more important to the student, because all students want to learning. The lecturing method is based on different ways. That is teachers based lecturing, student based lecturing. Some teachers are only concentrating their class only she/he does not listen to the students. The other types of teachers are giving more importance to their students interest. Such teachers class is more interested to the student, and all students are learned well. Some teachers class is more liking the students, because such teachers are taking the class very enjoyable and happy. The students are also important to the lecturing. The different students show different behavior into the class. The students attitude in to the class is more important for teaching. The students first job into the class room is to impress the teacher. The behavior, attitude, interest, effort are more important factors on the study. The teachers noticed every day the all students attitude in to the class room. To impress their teacher is an more difficult task for the all students. Because of, the different teachers attitude and their expectations is different. The students job is to impress their teacher. All teachers more like a perfect student. That is based on the students behavior, interest, and effort. The all students thinking, all teachers like only the top scorer students, and he/she does not like the backward student. It is not all right, because some of the teachers expectations and attitude are more different compared to other teachers. Some students are not performing well in to the curricular activity but such students perform well in to the extracurricular activity. The teachers main role is to teaching the student and the students duty is learning very well. Into the educational system the role of the teacher and the student is most important and it is not all simple.

Some of the tips for impress the teacher are; behave like a good quality student, every day present at the on time, do all homework at the right time and accurately, follow the direction of the teacher; the all students study every day and learn very well, give respect to the teacher; say good morning at the morning and say good evening at evening. Use polite language at the time of talking with the teacher, listen to the class well and give concentration at the teaching time, study the lesson at the class time, some time the friends are make distraction on the class; such time change the seat and sit on a good place, the dressing is also an important factor; so follow a neat dressing method and use uniforms, study the topics very well and follow the teachers rules, study extra ideas into the learning topics and to share the idea with the teacher, ask the good doubts and clearing the doubt with the help of teacher, increase the participation; that is ask questions, clearing the doubt, participate the class discussion, also give help to the teacher by writing chart, give help to the disable students, increasing the helping mentality, try to keep the classroom and the atmosphere neatly, give help to the other students by teaching the topics, give help for doing the homework or other activity, respect the others and maximum try to use good words. These are the some common tips for impressing the teacher.