Merit and demerits of the tuition classes

The competition and the large syllabus are more difficult for the primary leveled students. Today the competition is more increased. The students are stress for the learning is increased and they are not able to concentrating for the study. The education is more essential and important. The students are hard worked for the learning. The teachers and the parents are giving the support for the education. The all parents are giving the more concentration to their child. They are not looking for the financial; only give importance to the studentís education. To learning is the role of the students and to teach the lessons is the role of the teachers. The all students learning skill is not all same. Some of the students are learn and understanding the difficult lessons very easily. The other types of the students are taking the time for learning. The memory power, learning method, hard work and the other type of skills are different for the students. The students learning method is totally different to the other student. Some of the students are learning the all lessons on to the school and the other types of students are not learn to the class room, they are going to the tuition centers or other private tuition classes. The tuition classes contain both the merit and the demerits.

The merits are; the students are getting extra attention, and the tuition classes providing the individual care on the students. This is not possible to the school. The other important reason is the students are learning a new method for the learning. The student can get more clarity and explanation of the lesson from the tuition teacher. I t is also useful to the students for learning the difficult tasks. The tuition teacher is giving different types of instructions and they are teaching very clearly for the lessons. The tuition classes are improving the studentís confidence for learning and it also speed up the students learning process. The tuition centers are utilizing the extra time for the meaningful way. For example; most of the students are facing the difficulty for solving the mathematical problems. The main reason for this matter is the students are not getting the time for solving the problem in to the class. The teachers are teaching the lessons very fast. The tuition classes are providing the detailed class for the each lesson.

The tuition class is also containing the demerits. The first problem is the time. That is the students are learning the almost same things to the school. So the students are learning and understanding the important lessons and portions to the school. The tuition classes are wasting the studentís times, they are not getting the time for playing and doing for the other activities. The tuition class is also containing too much work for the students. The students are depressed for doing the work. The students work is increased. They are not getting the time for completing the work. It occur the health problems for the students. The studentís wealthy and healthy body is more essential for studying. The well sleeping, and exercises, peaceful mind are essential for the learning. Otherwise the students will not get the concentration and the interest for the study. The tuition class is also losing the students independents. The students are not get time for playing or doing other activities. The parents are full time pressuring the student for learning. It is more danger for the student and also, the students hate the study.