What are the best ways to reduce global warming?

Global warming

Global warming is rise in the temperature of earth. That has changes various life forms on the earth. Since 1950 until now the temperature is rapidly increasing.


Global warming is divided into two categories. That is natural and human influenced global warming. In natural causes global warming the first reason is natural rotation of sun that changes the intensity of light. And second reason is effect of greenhouse gases (CO2, nitrous oxide, etc)carbon monoxide and sulpher dioxide like gases trap the solar heat rays and prevent it from escaping the surface of earth. This will increase the surface temperature of earth .And third reason is volcanic eruption. A single volcanic eruption will release large amount of CO2 and ashes to the atmosphere.

Human influence as has been a very serious issue now, because human do not take care the earth. Human activates like industrial production, de-forestation, mining and burning of fossil fuel are increase content on earth. As we burning fossil fuels like natural gases, coal, oil, or cutting the trees and burn forest to making plantations at that time carbon loads our atmosphere. Another main reason is increasing rainfall it leads to the large amount pollution in agriculture, Fertilizer off of farm fields and fall into our river, streams and lakes.

Greenhouse Gases:

A greenhouse gas is a gas in atmosphere, which absorbs and emits radiation and these gases to trap heat this is known as greenhouse effect.CO2, Fluorinated Gas, Nitrous Oxide, and Chlorofluorocarbons are examples of the greenhouse gases. Many effects are occurred the greenhouse gases.

  • Greenhouse gases more affect the temperature of the Earth.
  • Greenhouse gases are the basic reason for green house effect.
  • These gases creating global warming and consequently climate change.
Importance of Climate:

The climate is another important factor of the global warming. Today Climate is reshaping the human civilization. Many issues are occurring by the changing of climate. Like,

  • Dependence on fossil fuel.
  • Vulnerable coasts.
  • Deforestation and land use change, Etc.
Major Effects - Global Warming:

The effects global warming are increasing day by day .The main and clearly visible impact on global warming is increasing the temperature of earth.

  • Global Warming Affect Rainfall
  • Melting ice cap
  • Extreme weather is an affect
  • Increase in average temperatures
  • Glacier melting
  • Movement of forest animal to cooler areas or animal migration
  • Changing climate
  • Weakening of human health
  • Increasing sea level
  • Plants and Animals
  • Social affects

Global Warming Affects Rainfall: The changes in rain fall and other forms of precipitation is an critical reasons for overall impact of climate change. A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. Globally water vapor increases by 7% for every degree centigrade of warming. How this will translate into changes in global precipitation is less clear cut, the total volume of precipitation is increase by 1-2% per degree of warming.

Increased Melting of Ice: The impacts of the global warming incorporate expanded liquefying of land ice, That means faster rises in sea level and increased temperature averages.

Increment in normal temperatures: The most quick and evident impacts of an Earth-wide temperature boost is the expansion in temperatures around the globe. The normal worldwide temperature has expanded by around 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the course of recent years.

Plants and Animals: Many species of plants and animals are already moving their range northward and many animals may not able to compete in the new climate and may go extinct.

Prevention of the global warming:
  • We should do re-plantation of plants to reduce the side effect of deforestation: Save forests and agriculture so to reduce the carbon emissions.
  • Use of energy saving product: Use energy saving products like fluorescent bulbs go long way in saving energy and these bulbs at low cost.
  • Put off gadget
  • Use of public transportation
  • Explore renewable sources
  • Developing only low carbon technologies
  • Replant the genetically engineered plants
  • Try to live very simple life to keep the atmospheric temperature normal